I am a painter and photographer and a "Scatterling of Africa”, having found home in beautiful places on five different continents.  After many years in Australia, I am for now living with my family in Hong Kong.

Inspired by the ancient Chinese belief in the power of spontaneity, my art is devoted to its elusiveness.  I work with fluid mediums including watercolour, ink, gouache and diluted oils, so that I can give the paint freedom to move.  I embrace the unexpected and allow magical marks to happen.  My technique involves unique surfaces, metal pigments and a constant flow of water where layers of colour are applied and then washed away again. With the ephemeral series of art created on a porcelain surface, I use my camera as a painting tool.  When I let go and work intuitively my art leads me to be curious, push boundaries, reflect, trust, dream and escape from everyday life so I might capture its poetry.